Top performers 

Deadlift: Jason Gelleny 253% deadlift 5 rep max. 

Burpees: @Forestruns.ocr 57 burpees😵💪 in 2 minutes. 

Full List

Jenn Cook – ?% dl, ? burpees, run 🇨🇦

Jared White – 173% dl, run

Jill Nelson – run

Brandy Williams- 112% deadlift, 43.521 burpees, run

Katerina Walowski – 124% dl 🇨🇦

Kristen Locke – 181% dl, 53 burpees, run. 🇨🇦

Michael Cole – 159% dl

William Prokop – Run +++

Heather Miles – 37 burpees, run

Glenda Grey – 105% dl, 32 burpees, run 🇨🇦

Margaret Cordero: 103% dl, 25 one legged burpees!

@Forestruns.ocr –  57 burpees😵💪

@ogi_ocr – 141% dl, 37 burpees, run 🇨🇦

@frodorow –  202%  dl 🇨🇦

@Superkev.ocr –  Run 🇨🇦

Todd Tinelli – 182% dl

@kinseytinelli –  138% Dl 

Max Gulliver – Run 🇨🇦

Cody Reuser – 40 burpees 🇨🇦

April Halen –  37 burpees. 
Alana Main –  run 🇨🇦

Malissa –  Run


Josh Stryde: 195% dl, 45 burpees, run 🇨🇦

Glenn – 142% dl, 46 burpees, run


OCRGUYCHALLENGE 5.8 #ocragility

Ocrguychallenge 5.8 is simple. #ocragility

Do 6 lateral jump burpees for time.
Daily male and female records will be posted all week. Attempt as many times as you want to join in. Women and men compete on an even field. 

You must jump over an object at least 12 inches tall and your burpees must land at least 3 feet apart.

Mark some lines on the ground.

Chest must hit the floor on every burpee.

You have to bring the body to the floor 6 times. 

Trim your video to the exact moment your feet leave the ground to the moment you stand back up on your last burpee. 

The winner will receive a free race entry and parking pass to the Calgary for the Spartan race Super on August 13th 2017. The ticket is good for the elite heat.
The ticket will go to the fastest entry that can definitely make it to the race.

You have until next Sunday.



Tab Grady, owner and operator of City Fit Shop in Edmonton submitted this little beauty for challenge 5.2 after a conversation at the finish line of the Spartan Beast in Montana two weeks ago.  This challenge is going to run for two weeks and participants have to do it twice – attempting to beat the first attempt on the second run.


We joked for a while about which hashtag to use on this challenge.  #stairwaytoDOMS #deathbystairs etc. Just find some stairs. Make sure we can see the posts dammit or you won’t get included and it’ll be…. it’ll be as if you never put in the work.

Being sick (a cold) and injured (hurt my back) this week has been really frustrating. I haven’t been able to do week 1! Tab went ahead and produced a superb video for Facebook, demonstrating how to do 5.2. It’s pretty funny, but apparently not as funny as my face when I’m suffering through Lindsay’s challenge.


OCRGUYCHALLENGE 1.5 The Dead Hang Challenge

THIS week the #ocrguychallenge is a total grip strength and burpee avoidance strategy!
Here’s the protocol:
1. Dead hang for 60 seconds from a bar.
2. If you reach grip failure and drop from the bar, you have to do the same number of burpees as seconds you have left on the clock for that 60 second round. Keep an eye on the timer.
3. Two failures in a row means it’s time to quit for the day.
4. Rest for 2 minutes between hangs.
5. The goal is to reach 5 rounds or more without failing and having to do any burpees.
6. You can add more rounds if you need, until you reach failure two rounds in a row.
7. We’re doing this every day for 1 week and posting about it with the tags @spartanup_ #Spartanupchallenge so I can see your posts.

You guys are incredible. Let’s beat the rig this year!


This will hurt… But we’re all in this together.