2014 Season – Two Races

I’m entering two races this year. On the 31st of May I will be taking part in the first ever mud run to be held in Lethbridge called Mud and Sweat: Operation Lethbridge. I am entering the 12:00 noon heat. It’s also a 5K race, and I’m expecting it to be much like the Spartan Race, but held in the incredibly steep coulees of the Old Man river.


Then on the 16th of August, I will be entering the Calgary Spartan Sprint for the third year in a row.

The Goal

Obviously, the goal of my training plan will be completely race-fit by May this year, and then to maintain my fitness level over the summer. I want to achieve at least a top 30 time in the Lethbridge race, and a top 50 time in the Calgary race. I also want to stay injury free as much as possible.

Starting Fitness Level

My fitness has taken a hit this winter, having injured myself fairly badly while snowboarding just after Christmas. I thought I was getting the hang of carving, having finally made it to the bottom of one of the runs without falling down on my first run. On my second run, I decided to try going a little faster and turning a little harder. I caught my heel edge and launched into the air, landing fully on my left flank. I winded myself badly and was in a huge amount of pain for the following two weeks.

I’m not sure if I broke a rib, or tore an intercostal muscle, but either way – the day was pretty much over for me at that point and it’s taken this long for it to heal and to regain my full range of motion.

I haven’t been able to do any real fitness training since before Christmas, and it’s nearly February. I’m not in terrible shape, but I’m suspecting I’ve lost a fair amount of my cardiovascular fitness, and it’s time to regain it.

There is another possible break in training that might happen during April, as I am going to the UK to visit my family. It’s likely that I will have some time to exercise, but then again, I might want to spend most of the time with my family. We will have to manage that two week period when I get to it.

The Plan

This year instead of writing out a full training plan like last time, I’m going to try and provide anyone who wants to read this with a weekly outline of my training plan, the rationale behind the workouts I am using, and my progress at the end of each week.


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