This last weekend my wife and and I had quite a surprise. Deanna (my increasingly pregnant wife) began to get contractions and signs that the baby was on her way.

One thing led to another, and by early Monday morning we had past the ‘point of no return’ with the labour as the doctor put it – this baby was coming. Our daughter Elena was born at 35 weeks.

At 35 weeks, she is considered ‘late preterm’ rather than premature, so while it’s a little early, it’s not disastrous. We were a little unprepared for it – we still had 2 weeks before her full term date and a whole five weeks before the actual due date!

So this post isn’t about fitness. It’s about how my lovely little daughter has thrown me off course temporarily. But she’s a welcome diversion.


So the focus is on getting her ready enough to come home from the NICU. Then I have to make a game plan on how to keep my fitness level up high enough without impacting on family time. Wish me luck.