Week 2 update

I am feeling stronger and leaner already. Another 6 weeks of this and I should be getting close to my target weight.

On a couple of workout days it snowed, so I stayed indoors and did the insanity plyometric circuit and cardio balance and power in the place of the interval session last Saturdays planned 10K. Both of these were very formidable workouts, especially the plyometric circuit DVD; it was brutal, and had me taking breaks all over the place. The good part of those DVDs? lots of burpees.

Yesterday I finally was able to get outside and complete the 10K I missed last weekend. I set myself a target pace of 5:20/km, and opted to do the full-on hill version, rather than the gentle course I had originally planned.

It was pretty snowy on the leeward slopes, while elsewhere it was generally waterlogged or muddy. There were a few sections that were really dodgy, so I slowed down quite a bit to get thought it. I was truthfully worried it would be too difficult, but it didn’t feel like too much too soon. I foam rolled today, which was painful as usual, but it’s cheaper than a massage and I’m assured its beneficial.

Here’s the link for my run http://runkeeper.com/user/Glennchole/activity/149824321. You’ll see that on average I managed to keep up with my pace goals. I’m going to try and incorporate pacing goals into my Monday post circuit training run sessions.

I other news. I discovered the best smoothie ever for post workout recovery and for replacing lost energy:

1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 scoop of protein powder (vanilla)
300ml skimmed milk.



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