Top performers 

Deadlift: Jason Gelleny 253% deadlift 5 rep max. 

Burpees: @Forestruns.ocr 57 burpees😵💪 in 2 minutes. 

Full List

Jenn Cook – ?% dl, ? burpees, run 🇨🇦

Jared White – 173% dl, run

Jill Nelson – run

Brandy Williams- 112% deadlift, 43.521 burpees, run

Katerina Walowski – 124% dl 🇨🇦

Kristen Locke – 181% dl, 53 burpees, run. 🇨🇦

Michael Cole – 159% dl

William Prokop – Run +++

Heather Miles – 37 burpees, run

Glenda Grey – 105% dl, 32 burpees, run 🇨🇦

Margaret Cordero: 103% dl, 25 one legged burpees!

@Forestruns.ocr –  57 burpees😵💪

@ogi_ocr – 141% dl, 37 burpees, run 🇨🇦

@frodorow –  202%  dl 🇨🇦

@Superkev.ocr –  Run 🇨🇦

Todd Tinelli – 182% dl

@kinseytinelli –  138% Dl 

Max Gulliver – Run 🇨🇦

Cody Reuser – 40 burpees 🇨🇦

April Halen –  37 burpees. 
Alana Main –  run 🇨🇦

Malissa –  Run


Josh Stryde: 195% dl, 45 burpees, run 🇨🇦

Glenn – 142% dl, 46 burpees, run


Gear Review: Merrell Agility Peak Flex

My favourite shoe from Merrell so far has been the All Out Peak. This shoe was made primarily for the USA market, and difficult to find in Canada where I live. I picked up a pair last year ago on a visit to the USA and promptly threw them into circulation on my training and racing schedule. While it isn’t an obstacle racing shoe specifically, I took them through hell and back and they are still going strong.

The follow up to that shoe is the Agility Peak Flex from Merrell. It really isn’t a revision of the All Out Peak at all. Instead it’s a complete replacement for the all out peak. This is the new top of the line trail runner model.

Looking at the Agility Peak Flex, you may find yourself intrigued by the appearance of the shoe more than anything at first. It looks almost organic – the anthropoid midsole design references some of the natural structures of the foot, as does the outsole itself, which is ridged and divided to mimic the natural flex points and musculature between tarsals and metatarsals. It’s a distinctive and seemingly intuitive look. The shoe comes in a range of attractive colours, and I’m a sucker for the Merrell red. I personally love the design.


When in use, it’s a shoe of two very distinct halves.

Flexibility and Agility are things that are both referenced in the name and design of the shoe, however in reality I found the shoe to be fairly stiff. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I found the All Out Peak to be similar in stiffness through the forefoot and I loved that shoe to death.

The Agility Peak is not a brick – but there seems to be more flexibility in the forefoot along the length of the shoe rather than across it, and less flexibility than you might be expecting overall given the name. It’s a fairly firm ride on the toe off. This means that they climb well, delivering good energy return, and the forefoot also comes to life on faster, more technical downhill sections.

The firmly cushioned heel stack provides good control and shock absorption. It’s a 6mm drop shoe, with a smaller stack height than Salomon Speedcross 4 (11mm), but just slightly more than Saucony Perigrine 7 (4mm). It’s not the height that feels so different though. It’s the firmness of the cushioning that makes this such a different ride. Less height, but denser foam.

Grip is excellent, with a tonne of bone shaped skeletonish lugs across the forefoot. It leaves cool looking footprints! The compound is Merrells M+ select rubber, which seems to deliver the promised traction on lots of different surfaces, but it is wearing just a little quicker than the seemingly invincible Vibram Megagrip compound seen in other Merrell trail shoes. The tightly spaced, shallow 5mm lugs would better suit this shoe to drier runs, but they do shed mud well when required due to the flexible nature of the front end.

There’s a lot of complex things happening here, and it takes some time to get used to, but I see what Merrell have tried to do. I found myself trusting it more and more and using these features on my long training runs. It’s a fusion of a few rationales. The Agility Peak Flex seems to offers a rewarding blend of adequate heel cushioning and responsive, flexible forefoot control, with the stiffness contributing to good energy return for longer slower trail runs, and a protective rock plate that does the job well. These things can take you to the top of a mountain and back without a problem.

The upper mesh is breathable and comfortable, with a rubber bumper covering some of the more vulnerable flex points on the upper. There is quite a lot of TPU shielding around the arch and outside of the foot as you would expect from a trail shoe made for the mountains. This adds weight, but is very protective. Throw in a rubber toe cap and the shoe weighs in at 11oz per shoe, so it’s not super light.

Merrell Omni-Fit™ lacing system: provides a good fit. The lacing system works nicely and the flat laces pull through strings that are attached to the tongue and the upper.  Ingress of debris is pretty minimal, and I haven’t had problems with them coming undone mid run, or undoing them when muddy or wet. The Hyperlock™ molded TPU heel counter seems to be more open than that found on the All Out Peak – which is supposed to improve ankle mobility during sharp turns. I did initially have some issues with the heel slipping upwards out of the shoe, but engaging the extra ankle lock eyelets fixed the problem.

Drainage is excellent on the shoe, should you get them wet. I wore them through a Spartan Race in Montana which was extremely wet and muddy. They held up incredibly well through that course, which basically had everything from wet singletrack, muddy pits, rocky climbs and steep descents. Full immersion to drained out occurs within 200m or so. There’s a lot of mesh that lets water out, without needing any specific drainage holes.

I did initially have some issues with some of the outsole pushing through into the shoe and digging into the arch area of my foot just behind the ball of my foot, however this issue seems to be mostly unique to myself, as many people I have spoken to have not had this issue. For me, the issue gradually went away as I broke them in. Now that I’ve put over 50 miles on this shoe I can confirm that they seem to run true to size and I have no blisters or hotspots on longer runs with them.


Great for trail running in the mountains, cross training outdoors or trail running in loose dusty or dry conditions. They grip well in the wet and drain well. They offer a stable, but firm ride – which may be too stiff for some, but provide good energy return for me. They are a little heavier than some other options out there, but these offer a superior balance of cushioning and control over a range of conditions.

OCRGUYCHALLENGE 5.8 #ocragility

Ocrguychallenge 5.8 is simple. #ocragility

Do 6 lateral jump burpees for time.
Daily male and female records will be posted all week. Attempt as many times as you want to join in. Women and men compete on an even field. 

You must jump over an object at least 12 inches tall and your burpees must land at least 3 feet apart.

Mark some lines on the ground.

Chest must hit the floor on every burpee.

You have to bring the body to the floor 6 times. 

Trim your video to the exact moment your feet leave the ground to the moment you stand back up on your last burpee. 

The winner will receive a free race entry and parking pass to the Calgary for the Spartan race Super on August 13th 2017. The ticket is good for the elite heat.
The ticket will go to the fastest entry that can definitely make it to the race.

You have until next Sunday.



Tab Grady, owner and operator of City Fit Shop in Edmonton submitted this little beauty for challenge 5.2 after a conversation at the finish line of the Spartan Beast in Montana two weeks ago.  This challenge is going to run for two weeks and participants have to do it twice – attempting to beat the first attempt on the second run.


We joked for a while about which hashtag to use on this challenge.  #stairwaytoDOMS #deathbystairs etc. Just find some stairs. Make sure we can see the posts dammit or you won’t get included and it’ll be…. it’ll be as if you never put in the work.

Being sick (a cold) and injured (hurt my back) this week has been really frustrating. I haven’t been able to do week 1! Tab went ahead and produced a superb video for Facebook, demonstrating how to do 5.2. It’s pretty funny, but apparently not as funny as my face when I’m suffering through Lindsay’s challenge.


OCRGUYCHALLENGE 1.5 The Dead Hang Challenge

THIS week the #ocrguychallenge is a total grip strength and burpee avoidance strategy!
Here’s the protocol:
1. Dead hang for 60 seconds from a bar.
2. If you reach grip failure and drop from the bar, you have to do the same number of burpees as seconds you have left on the clock for that 60 second round. Keep an eye on the timer.
3. Two failures in a row means it’s time to quit for the day.
4. Rest for 2 minutes between hangs.
5. The goal is to reach 5 rounds or more without failing and having to do any burpees.
6. You can add more rounds if you need, until you reach failure two rounds in a row.
7. We’re doing this every day for 1 week and posting about it with the tags @spartanup_ #Spartanupchallenge so I can see your posts.

You guys are incredible. Let’s beat the rig this year!


This will hurt… But we’re all in this together.




Welcome to treadmill hell….

Print this sucker out and get ready to push some buttons. You’ll need an incline treadmill with 15% incline, 750mls of water, the safety line connected to your body, and an unbreakable attitude. Read through the article and get the flow of it before you start.

  • 0-2:00 – Jog at 5 mph
  • 2:10-10:00 – Alternate running each .2 mile interval at 7 mph and 10 mph. 
  • 10:10-12:00 – Lower speed to 3.5 mph, perform walking lunges, alternating legs.
  • 12:10-13:00 – Run at 11.5 mph
  • 13:10-15:00 – Lower speed to 5 mph
  • 15:10-23:00 – Alternate running each .2 mile interval at 7 mph and 10 mph.
  • 23:10-25:00 – Lower speed to 5 mph, perform side shuffles BE CAREFUL AND TRANSITION SLOWLY (think defensive stance in basketball)
  • 25:10-27:00 – Turn around and shuffle, leading with the opposite foot. BE CAREFUL AND TRANSITION SLOWLY
  • 27:10-30:00 – Alternate running each .1 mile interval at 7 mph and 10 mph. 

30:00-40:00 – PLYO TIME!  Hop off the treadmill and get ready to burn it out with some explosive jumping movements.  I want you to perform the following circuit for 5 minutes total:

10 squat jumps/8 Russian lunges/rest 30 seconds.

For the next 5 minutes you’ll be doing this circuit:

10 twist jumps/8  mule kicks/rest 30 seconds

Get back on the treadmill.

  • 40:10-42:00 – Set speed to 5 mph, perform side shuffles
  • 42:10-44:00 – Turn around and shuffle, leading with the opposite foot.
  • 44:10-50:00 – Lower speed to 3.5 mph run/jog backwards
  • 50:10-60:00 – Increase incline to 15%, run/jog at 4mph

Warning: This is an unsupervised workout that I have taken from this website

By using this workout you agree to the terms and conditions on this page